Semsiya Toska-Actress

Name: Semsiya Toska


Talent: Actress

Age: 19 yrs

Height: 1,70

Telephone (WhatsApp): +33 6 51 29 82 00

Instagram: semssiya.tosska

My name is Semsiya Toska I am 19 years old I live in France and I am of Yugoslav origin (Serbia). My biggest dream of any little one is to become Indian Bollywood movie actress or Series. It's true that France and away from India but if you give me a chance to play in a movie or in a series I would see myself traveling, I will come to India.
I do not lie to you I know not very well speak English and Hindi but I can learn, I take courses.
I understand all English and in Hindi it's just that I can not speak very well.
I am 19 years old it is temp for me to realize my dream, now that I am free to do all that I want. So I will see anything to realize my dream.
Please madam, sir if you took temp to read my message thanks for contacting me.
My sincere greeting
Semsiya Toska